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PotionPvP 3.0 In Development

Hey guys. It's been almost 1 and a half years since we initially released PotPvP 2.0 on Badlion and I joined the development team. We felt it was time to give PotPvP a huge revamp with more fun activities, an easier to use system, more donation ranks/perks, and more.

For any of you who have not yet seen the post in the Octovon forums, we are looking to replace most of our arenas with new ones to give a fresh and exciting twist to the revamp. Read more...

Badlion Factions Map 2 EOTW

After almost four months this map will be coming to an end on Saturday the 13th of September. The EOTW will begin at 2 PM EST (7PM GMT).

The plan is for a large King of the Hill in the current spawn. The faction that holds the hill for 20 consecutive minutes win. You will designate one person to hold the cap zone, as it is not like BloodBowl where multiple people from the same faction can switch off. Only 1 person can be claiming the cap zone per faction at a time, and it cannot be transferred. If that person who was capping the KOTH gets hit off, the timer is reset.

Season 6 and Badlion Status.

Season 5 has ended early due to issues with the rating system and Season 6 has started. We tried something new to fix problems with rating and ended up making some issues worse, so we have reverted back to a modified version of ELO for Season 6. Read about all the server changes and about the overall status of the Badlion Network by clicking the upper right corner.